Location Osnabrück

Living for a while in Osnabrück

Location and Surroundings

Bergmann Boardinghouse can be found in centre of Osnabruck.

The centre offers next to lots of restaurants, cafes and bars plenty of shopping facilities.  The historical Town Hall and Old Town are only a couple of hundred metres away and are within walking distance.

Surrounding Osnabrück is the Osnabrücker countryside.  You will find a diversity of places to aim for, ideal for naturalists, people who enjoy a good meal, sports active holiday makers and town tourists.  Enjoy the countryside, the wellness offers in the health resorts and hot baths.  Plenty of organized walks, cycle tours, stories about the Romans and Germanics.  Added to that the large town of Osnabrück with its town hall and Westphalian Peace Treaty as well as plenty of site seeing spots and museums, well-loved shopping street and regional specialties – all within the town and countryside.

And how do you experience the surroundings like someone native to Osnabrück?  You explore either on a bicycle or by car.  Our house has two bicycles which you can rent.  Being situated in the middle of town makes it easier for all our guests to view Osnabrück from all sides.




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