Health and hygiene guidelines

Preventive hygiene measures
  • Our staff wear gloves in the following areas: HSK, in-house laundry and building services
  • When drawing up in the dusty roster, we shall ensure that the same teams are active within a shift.
  • The walking routes have been redefined in all areas of the hotel.
  • Work equipment and devices must be used by only one employee during a shift and must be cleaned and disinfected after completion of the activity.
  • Our external service providers shall be informed about all measures, the implementation is obligatory.
  • All staff members who are in direct contact with our partners and guests shall be equipped with a face mask.
  • All staff are trained to maintain the minimum distance from each staff members, guests and service providers in the hotel.
  • Strategic disinfection stations have been set up for guests and staff in the public areas as well as the back office
  • Staff members and guests, who for operational reasons are located directly opposite each other, are separated from each other by spit guards.
  • Use of the disinfection Sagrotan and Interspraydes in all areas with “contact surfaces”
Arrival and departure
  • Check-in and check-out are contactless.
  • Guests must observe distance rules.
  • There is a spitting protection in the form of Plexiglas panes between guest and staff.
  • All guests are required to make cashless payments.
Distance control and signposting
  • There are signs in all areas of the hotel with signposts and information on hygiene standards and distance regulations.
Guest lift
  • A maximum of two (2) persons are allowed in guest lift ant one time.
  • We ask our guests to use the staircase where possible.

    Room cleaning
    • Each guest room is regularly fogged with the product after the check out.
      This results in increased safety, as all bacteria and viruses on the surface sealed by are rendered harmless.
    • Hand sanitiser shall be provided on all floors or in guest rooms.
    • Room cleaning shall be carried out at the guest´s request.
    • Rooms shall not be cleaned and disinfected until 24 hours after departure. During this period, the rooms shall be thoroughly aired. This is because current studies show that textiles in particular can still provide a good environment for the virus to survive due to their ability to absorb moisture over a certain period of time. Due the high sensitivity of the viruses, it can be assumed that no further infection can occur the following day, provided normal hygiene measures are observed.
    • There must always only be one employee in the room for cleaning.
    • Cleaning utensils must be washed at 90 centigrade daily.
    • All work utensils and equipment must be regularly maintained and air filters replaced.
    Room furnishings
    • Unnecessary printed material such as advertising material, magazines, external magazines and external advertising etc. must be removed.
    • Our guest folder is laminated in the room and is cleaned and disinfected after each stay.
    • The use of toothbrush cups, decorative cushions or throws also avoided.

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